Pricing & Promotions

What are you starting prices for suits?

  • Our pricing starts at $995 per suit, however we do offer multiple promotions and sales.

Do you offer any promotions or coupons?

  • We offer promotions, coupons, and packages seasonally. Please check out pricing guide to see what we offer, or give us a call.

Do you guys have Seasonal Sales or promotions?

  • Each season we do offer a number or selected garments that are in stock for a limited time.

About the Fit/fitting

What fit do you specialize in?

  • CustomSuitNYC tailors have the ability to fabricate any suit, however if we had to choose, We specialize in the slim modern fit. This allows us to keep up to date with trendy suit styles and fashion, however still pay homage to our traditional Italian Background.

Should i bring anything to the fitting?

  • Everything we need is at our office. If you would like to bring a suit or garment to use as a template, that is perfectly fine as well. 

How long does a fitting usually take?

  • Appointment times directly correlate to the amount of garments you are purchasing. For shirts, appointment slots may take 25-45 minutes, for any other garment it would take approximately 45 minutes plus.

Do you accommodate for big/tall or short/small fits?

  • For those who cannot find a proper off the rack fit, we specialize in these fits. Big or tall, short or small, we make them all!

If i don't have an appointment, can i just walk in?

  • We like to give our clients our undivided attention and top notch service, therefore we do not accept walk-in appointments.

What if i can't make my appointment and have to reschedule?

  • Although there is no cancellation fee for rescheduling, any appointment cancelation or rescheduling should be done at least 24 hours prior your original appointment.

If i were to bring my own fabric, will you be able to make my garment out of it?

  • Unfortunately we do not create suits with fabric from outside our manufacturer. However our fabric stock for suits and shirts are quite large. With over 400 fabric options each, we are sure to have a fabric selection for you. 


the fabric

How long does it take to make a suit?

  • We boast about our quick return times. The first garment you purchase will take 5-10 business days to manufacture and deliver. Garments purchased after that may arrive quicker.

Do you expedite garments?

  • Yes, however the cost to expedite a garment starts at $300. 

What if my suit doesn't fit right?

  • After you get your suit back, if you were to disapprove of anything within the suit, we have a %100 no questions asked guarantee per each garment. We also hold a 10 year stitching guarantee per each garment completed!

Do you do house calls?

  • Yes we do house calls to anywhere within the tristate area, as well as New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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